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Getting Traffic but with Low Sales? Want to increase conversions? Conversion Report gives you insight about your online store issues.

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We help you find out the problems.

Low conversion is a common question for ecommerce. We conduct manual testing to give you insight on various aspects.

  • Design
  • Technical Issues
  • Branding / Trustworthiness
  • Customer Quality
  • Website Engagement (Data Analysis, Google Analytics Access Required)
  • Price

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Benny Chan

Customer Success Officer (CSO)

I am responsible for answering your inquiry, check your online store, write the report, do marketing for this project, maintain this web page! Happy working all the time!

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We check your store with professional human eyes, much better than anonymous strangers.

We’ve got you covered

Our report will fully cover various aspects of your store like design, branding, conversion rate, etc.

Pinpoint problems with outsiders’ eyes

You may be very familiar with your baby store. But we can give you objective opinions.

Professional checking

Compared with forum feedbacks, we provide more detailed opinions based on our expertise.

Save your time with our experience

More than 150 Shopify stores have tried our app - SEO Product Optimizer. Our hard earned experience can save your time.

Pricing Table

Simple Service, Simple Pricing. Our charge is one-off with no recurring charge.



  • - Professional Checking
  • - Covering Design, Technical, Branding / Trustworthiness, Customer Quality, Website Engagement & Price
  • - Report Delivered Within 2 days
  • - Google Analytics access will be provided by customer
  • - Fast Response



  • - Everything covered in Basic
  • - Installation of Video Recording software (Basic Hotjar, Free)
  • - Check Customer Behavior in Actions
  • - Fast Response
  • - Premium Support




  • - Chat with Benny for any questions for 1 hour (Instant Messaging)
  • - 1 Follow up email inquiry with Benny after 2 weeks
  • - Case sharing on our blog to drive extra traffic



"Hey, I have a question for you."

What is a “Conversion Report”?

A Conversion Report helps you to understand more about your store with professional review. The report will cover Design, Technical, Branding / Trustworthiness, Customer Quality, Website Engagement & Price.

Why is it useful for me?

Having low sales despite of traffic? We can help store owners by giving various angles regarding your online store. Also there are plenty of tools on the market. But many store owners don’t know to make use of them. We can give them insight of the problems and how to solve them.

Are you professional?

Sure! Our Shopify App - SEO Product Optimizer has been powering more than 150 stores. Now we are leveraging our experience to investigate how ecommerce can work better. We specialize more on marketing - SEO, Content Marketing and Social Marketing.

How can I contact you?

You can contact us via bennychan[@] Our timezone is GMT +8:00. We will reply you within 1 business day. You can also whatsapp us via +852 6350 2915

What is the difference from asking on forum?

Well you may ask “Why should I pay for your report? I can get FREE reviews on forums like Reddit.”. This is because we can help you go further. Instead of comments from anonymous visitors, we provide you with a quality feedback based on our previous experiences.

How it works?

1. Make Your Order
2. We'll ask for basic business information, e.g. Who are your target customers, Your Promotion Strategy, etc
3. We'll send you the report within 1 business day

Why do you need to access my Google Analytics?

This is because we need to check metrics such as bounce rate, average session time, traffic source, traffic volume, etc. If you don't want to share the data with us, we can just leave this part blank in the report.

Who are you?

Our company is called SillyCube Technology Ltd. Since 2009 we have been providing mobile apps and website development in Hong Kong. Our happy customers can be checked here.

Can I get a sample report?

Sure! Please download the report here.