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Why joining us?
We can make your customers happy. By installing our app into your stores, you can provide more values to your customers INSTANTLY. You don’t need to spend hours to rebuild the wheel on your own.

We are a software developer in Hong Kong. Sourcing suitable softwares is also a part of our works. We know what you want. Ready-made software. Save your time. Happy Customers. You get paid.

How it works?

  1. Fill in the form below
  2. Within the next few days, We’ll review your application
  3. We’ll give you a referral URL. You can ask your customers or users to sign up via this unique URL
  4. Earn up to 20% of your referrer’s bill every month!

Who are our customers?
Shopify store owners who want to


  1. How and when do I get paid?
  2. You can get paid as often as every 30 days. We do require a minimum of $25 before you can request a payout and you will receive your payment through Paypal.

  3. I need to contact someone regarding the Affiliate Program, how can I do this?
  4. Feel free to email us with any questions or concerns you may have at [email protected].

  5. It looks cool! How can I get started?
  6. Please fill in the form above!

  7. What happens after I sign up?
  8. After you sign up to be an affiliate, we’ll review your application in the next few days. Once the affiliate team reviews your application, you'll receive an additional email notifying if you've been accepted or declined. When you are approved we'll send you an email on how to get started!

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